Americans Vote in a Cliffhanger Election

Americans Vote
Voting in America  Photos: The AfricaPaper


Voting in Brooklyn Center

The AfricaPaper | USA

Minnesota – Polling stations opened as earlier as 7:00 a.m. in Minnesota. As time approaches midday, voters streamed into different precincts to vote for their candidates. For some, it is the first time voting in a US presidential election that hangs on a knife edge between the Democrats and the Republicans.

With slim margins, the US election is keeping the country’s heartbeat at a fast pace. Politician analysts say “It is too close to call.”

Van Hale

Best Voting Systems

As students file in to vote in this year’s  election, Electoral Chair Carol Van Hale says “Minnesota has one of the best voting systems.” Without  problems from students at the University of Minnesota Coffman Memorial Union, Van Hale says they are bracing for a long night.

Stem Cell

The Jones Family

At the Brooklyn Park Methodist Church, Loretta Jones and her family voted for President Obama. Jones says it is their own way of saying thanks to a president who supported Stem Cell research that would have helped their sick daughter. Jones’ 18-year old son said he is a first-voter in an election in which every vote counts.