BREAKING NEWS: APC’s Ernest Bai Koroma Wins Presidential Election

APC's Bai Koroma Wins Election in Sierra Leone Photo: TAP File
APC’s Bai Koroma Wins Election in Sierra Leone Photo: TAP File/A. Kamara




The AfricaPaper | Sierra Leone


FREETOWN – Incumbent President Ernest Bai Koroma has won the presidential election in the West Africa nation of Sierra Leone.

Koroma’s APC gained 58% and SLPP 37%. There will be no run-off as Koroma won more than 55% of the votes required in the presidential race reports our correspondent.

Ex-junta leader Julius Maada Bio scored 37% in the nation’s third elections that has been described as fair and peaceful  The AfricaPaper’s political researchers in West Africa and USA confirmed.

Full report will be published soon.

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