WorldViews: Economic Empowerment for Black Society

Collecting donations in Staten Island, New York. Photo: The AfricaPaper/Issa A. Mansaray
Collecting donations in Staten Island, New York. Photo: The AfricaPaper/Issa A. Mansaray
Collecting donation in Staten Island, New York. Photo: The AfricaPaper/Issa A. Mansaray
Collecting donation in Staten Island, New York. Photo: The AfricaPaper/Issa A. Mansaray

By Lucas Jallah-Acosta | The AfricaPaper

Minneapolis, Minn – During these last couple of years many events have occurred worldwide, especially in the United States. The most controversial or widely known subject matter in our country is the inevitable mass murders of black males by police. According to the BBC, “Black people are three times more likely to be killed by police in the United States than white people.

Main Issues

More unarmed black people were killed by police than unarmed white people last year. Even in Brazil where a total of 2,212 blacks were killed. The list can go on and on, from place to place. Wherever you go in this world there’s always some type of mistreatment of a person of African descent. In regards to all these murders of black males, one may say the main issue is racism, civil rights or basic human rights issue. Yes, those are a few factors. However, there’s a bigger picture in front of us here in America and abroad to figure out. The real issue is simply economics.

Money Allocation

The problem with black society is that we tend to allocate our money to other races of people way too often than we do with ourselves. Thus, the majority of black people do not produce anything that involves wealth, power, and influence to benefit themselves collectively. The Honorable Marcus Garvey said, “A race without power is a race without respect.” And because of this, black society has allowed themselves to be placed last at the very bottom of society.

Distrust and Downfall

There are many problems in black society worldwide that makes it difficult to come together and get our priorities down. For one, there is a distrust among our people; we disconnect ourselves by claiming the land of which we’re from than to claim the title of being African or black. Although white supremacy has had an influence on our downfall as African people on this planet, it is no excuse to dwell on for not coming together to build an empire of our own. We have all the resources and opportunity to build an economic infrastructure.

Power and Influence

Our main goals that we should aim for is power, wealth and influence. Simple as that. As a person of African descent, you really have to stop and think about this. If African people could accomplish so much in the past, shouldn’t we have an empire that we’ve built by us and for us by now? Unfortunately, the answer is no. Let’s look at it this way– Europeans for example have not always been united. The English back then had a distaste for the Irish, and many Europeans during a point in history had a dislike against European Jews, but there came a point in time where they had to come together for not unity but for empowerment and decide how they’d rule the world we live in today. And now, Europeans all over are prospering and have formed an alliance.

Betrayal and Enemies

One of the few many reasons that black society worldwide is failing is due to the fact that whenever there is an issue due to racism for example, we as a people are quick to betray our brother or sister than to defend them. When the Arabs get discriminated against or harmed they form an alliance against whomever did them harm, get their media involved, businessmen, and lawyers. However, with black society, if someone discriminates against one of us, we don’t go hard at them like the Arabs, Asians, Jews, Whites, etc. This is why we have so many countless enemies. On top of it all, we have no source of wealth for our voice to be heard. The same thing applies to every other race in this world, but as Africans we’re doing the exact opposite.

Own, Build, and Produce

Sooner or later, if we don’t come together on an economic agenda to compete with other groups, we’ll perish in the 21st century. In order to flourish in this world we must own, build, and produce for ourselves as a race. One of the main problems is the differences we have of one another.

“We are a race of people cursed with petty differences,” Marcus Garvey once said.

Unfortunately, he was on point. The African race cannot move forward until we set our differences aside and do what’s most important for the benefit of the race. What many black people fail to realize is that our world operates off of money and in order to survive and get respect, we must build a progressive economy or we’ll be left behind and destroyed.


Think about these questions: Do blacks own vast companies that are currently competing with Target, Walmart, or Best Buy? If the answer is no, this is a wake up call for all of us.


Check out: Jason Black, formerly known as “The Black Authority” on Youtube, and also has his own radio called “The Black Channel”. He was the director of his new film called “7a.m,” which is a documentary on black/african economics (which I highly recommend to watch).

Along with Professor Truth known on his Youtube Channel as “Black Truth Forever”. He discusses the subjects of black economics, racism, and other issues affecting Africans and African-Americans.

Lastly, follow up on the “father” of black economics known as Dr. Claud Anderson. He is a guide for Black America to become more economically self-sufficient. He’s published books such as: Black Labor, White Wealth: A Search for Power and Economic Justice and Powernomics, and many more. |TAP| Africa’s Newspaper of Record

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