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ST. Paul – As Somalia still struggles with its pirates, rebel factions, lack of a functioning government, and militant Al-Shabaab, a new political party, Hiil Qaran has emerged to help solve the problems in one of Africa’s most troubled nations.

In an exclusive interview with The AfricaPaper on Thursday, Dr. Ahmed Ismail Samatar, Political Chair of Hiil Qaran, explains the need for ‘New Leadership for Somalia’ after years of chaos, and how the new political party is preparing to help rebuild the country.

Dr. Samatar, currently on sabbatical, is the James Wallace Professor of International Studies. Dean of International Studies and Programming (1994-2006) and founding Dean of the Institute for Global Citizenship (2006-2011) at Macalester College in Minnesota.

Samatar, an expert on global political economy, political and social thought and African development, is the author and editor of five books and over thirty articles.

The AfricaPaper will publish the full story for our readers – please check later!!


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