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Sierra Leone’s Election:  A Page From America

Roland Marke, The AfricaPaper Book Reviewer & Opinion Writer Photo: R. Marke


Roland Bankole Marke | The AfricaPaper

FLORIDA: Election Miracle  – The election season is now over in the United States, but not in Sierra Leone, where elections are due today. Our folks are nervously prayerful that the power of God will take full control and perform a miracle. There’s so much deception as even perceived enlightened folks speak from both sides of their mouth – double-speak. Self interest motivates a sea of them becoming opportunistic, if not very greedy and outright mean without a heart for their neighbors and those from the opposite political parties.

Soliciting Votes

While in US I was bombarded by a flood of robo calls mostly from the RNC which I never had business with. But I was very tolerant when two Saturdays ago, RNC volunteers knocked at my door soliciting my vote. I hugged the vivacious white ladies and wished them well. They must have felt innately good hearing my unadulterated deep-throaty African accent, plus the nice reception they received from a seasoned Blackman they never had contact with before.

Nervously Different

On Saturday, just before the elections, two ladies, one black the other white, who portray a more realistic America to me; knocked at my door to make sure I had voted. They represent the diversified nature and cohesive tolerance of what the America I live in looks like in the realm and reality of things. I told them I am a long time Obama supporter who had spotted his potentials to seek high political office, even before his first bid for president. I gave them an insightful and honest lecture and followed them down the street, assuring them that we are going to win. Though their faces exposed a nervously different story from mine.

Passion and Trust

When I told them I was a writer their faces as spirits suddenly glowed and we bonded sharing deep passion and trust. I thanked them for their sacrifice, assuring them that Obama and the nation will decisively win on Tuesday and on that historic night just before midnight my prediction took a life of its own with drama and euphoria dominating the airwaves.


I’m appealing to all Sierra Leoneans to exercise tolerance, optimism and love for the motherland and folks from all sides, to remain one family despite their opposite political views, being blood siblings sucking the breasts of mama Salone. Elections should not make enemies out of us and no need to resort to violence, foul language or emitting poison on any one.

Love of God

For the love of God is enough to unite this deeply fragmented and vulnerable nation seemingly trying to grasp the ABC of democracy, peace and unity. So help us God.

Success Story

Sierra Leone has been touted by the United Nations as success story of an African nation coming out of the rubble of warfare. Now charting its way towards welfare held together by thin strand of thread and longing hearts desirous to put aside the ugly past of the nation’s unflattering history.

Roland Bankole Marke is Book Reviewer and Opinion Writer for The AfricaPaper

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